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Skjetlein Tour

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On Thursday, March 30, we visited Skjetlein High School, which is an agricultural high school. So we started with a visit to the tropical greenhouse where students grow all types of plants (banana tree, carnivorous plant, etc.).
Then we went to see animals raised indoors such as rabbits, migales, turtles.
We continued with the equestrian part where students were currently working on different horses.
Then, we visited the high school museum where there are various objects that were used to work in the past but which have now evolved, like tractors, chainsaws, carts, etc.
The important activities of this high school require a large quantity of electricity. In this way the students decided to create a mill that would then produce the electricity needed for the school’s consumption.
The visit to the school ended in an amphitheater-type room in order to continue our work previously begun.

Article written by Laurette GIRARD

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