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Review of Palm Trees and Power Lines

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Palm Trees and Power Lines by Jamie Dack

This movie deals with the summer of a teenage girl named Lea. She’s 17 and during her Summer break Lea meets a man of 34 named Tom. They start a relationship. Lea life’s is already difficult, her father is absent , she had an hard relationship with her mother and her friend and what this is what pushed her into the arms of Tom . She becomes isolated from her family and her friends. Then Tom and Lea decide to go on vacation together and it’s at this moment that we realize the influence that Tom has on Lea. He asks her to prostitute herself for him… for love and she does it. After that she runs away from him to only to return to his arms.

I think this film shows the reality of some teenagers. Indeed, this movie highlights affective dependency, toxic relationships, manipulation, the kind of thing that happens more than often than we think. However some scenes of the movie were very difficult and uncomfortable to watch. Finally I think that the goal of this film is to raise public awareness for teenagers or just people on the fact that we should not accept everything for love, to be vigilant, to get know the person well before start a relationship because 
like we say love is blind.

Written by DELAHAYE Clara

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