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Review of Dual n°2

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Dual Film de Riley Stearns · 134 min · 20 May 2022

First of all, it’s a science fiction thriller and comedy movie about a young girl named Sarah and she’s sick with an incurable disease and only a 2% chance of survival.
She learns that she’s going to die so she creates a clone in a medical center so her family are less sad.
But she then learns that she’s not sick anymore and she has to fight her clone’s for her own life. It’s Sarah or Sarah double. They cannot both surivive and they must fight a duel.
After that she trains herself very hard for the fight but it’s postponed because of the bad weather.
Her family prefer the double and the toxic relationship with her boyfriend, Peter, means that he leaves her for the double. his name his Peter.
With her clone Sarah decides to leave and gone into the forest to escape the duel but the clone poisons the real Sarah. So when she arrives at the fight, only the clone came so she is declared the winner.

This movie is about who really cares about us and makes us question what we value the most. The movie is described like unique, authentic and audacious.


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