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Review of Emily the Criminal

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Hello, we are going to introduce you to a movie called Emily the criminal by John Patton Ford who is a thriller and a drama. So this movie is about the life of Emily Benetto, a young woman graduate who works in the restaurant business while waiting to find a real job to pay her student debts. She goes through several job interviews without success because she has a criminal record, until a colleague gives her a suspicious phone number. Emily finds herself embroiled in illegal business dealings where she also has a love story with the manager, Youcef, and sees her life derailed and plunged into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. Obviously, this movie has a social impact, because it talks about the criminal and illegal world that Emily falls into, but also toxic love relationships like Emily and Youcef’s, and finally today’s society that values certain "social classes". To conclude, in our opinion, this film is really good and we really like it because, first of all, the actors play very well and we are really immersed in the story. Secondly, the subjects covered are deep and we think it’s good to talk about them in the film industry. Thirdly, we discover the universe of the credit card scam, something not very well known. Finally, having been able to see and hear the director, this film is all the more touching because it’s sometimes inspired by the life of the director. We recommend this movie because it is really good, and I think it can appeal to different audiences.

Written by Célia DUNACH, Julianne FAUCON and Emma PRUDHOMME

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